Autumn in Amsterdam

Summer drew its final breath in the Dutch capital. The sun sets earlier now, around 5:00 in the afternoon, and does not rise before 7:30 in the morning. Temperatures have dropped from above 20 degrees Celsius to below 10. There hasn’t been any sort of “smooth” transition between summer and autumn – which looks more like winter to me. Except that we were lucky for the last few days. This kept me wary about the coming months of January and February, when winter actually sets in with a vengeance from what I hear. Brrrrr! It’s going to be cold. You’ve got to understand that for a Mediterranean sun-worshipper like me, this is cause for considerable concern. I mean, people in my country are still hitting the beach in October. Rain doesn’t start falling before December.

However, now that I’m in Amsterdam, I have decided to embrace the weather. Testament to my vast amounts of courage is my solid decision to go out no matter what. But we will see how I feel when it drops below zero. The chilly, windy and wet autumn season reminded me of a Lebanese friend who stayed for a few years in The Netherlands. He had a tendency to spend his time indoors, probably huddled in blankets sneezing his way through the afternoon, whenever the weather was cold, dark and gloomy. So you know. A lot.

Obviously this isn’t the case for the Dutchies; nothing can stop them from going out and riding their bicycles whether rain or wind or ice. So I did what everyone else does, “occasionally” took my bicycle instead of the tram, but without managing to hold an umbrella at the same time. I haven’t mastered that yet. Maybe global warming will turn Holland into a sun-lover’s paradise before I do that trick. Until then, I am enjoying the most beautiful of seasons. Autumn in Amsterdam is marked by golden colours, gezelligheid, good food and culture (i.e: Museum night).


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